The Cross and Eternal Glory

by T. Austin-Sparks

Recorded May 1955

"Beloved, in that coming again to be glorified in His saints it will still be the cross, it will still be on the ground of the cross. But this is the point - we can only share the glory as we have shared the cross. The cross is there, and we can only share the glory as we know Him in the power of His resurrection. We can only know the glory as we have already been made to sit with Him in the heavenlies. These three things, union with the crucified Lord, union with the risen Lord, union with the ascended Lord, this is union with a glorified Lord. And if there is to be any breaking forth of the glory of God in us individually it must be as, firstly, the cross does its work; then as He is Sovereign, and not only Mediator; and then as we go out to fulfil His apostolic ministry, as "sent forth" men - only so can the Spirit of Glory rest upon us."

- T. Austin-Sparks

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