Death and Resurrection

by T. Austin-Sparks

Recorded Jan 1965

"If God hadn’t stepped right in when Jesus was in the grave there would have been no Christianity, there would have been none of all this that the world has come into and is coming into because of Him, but God stepped in. It was God’s alone power and prerogative to raise the dead. Now it is utterly and absolutely and all of God and nothing of man, nothing outside of God. If Christianity begins there and is based on that then the Christian life is something which speaks of a mighty intervention of God and says: 'I am today in this experience on the basis of something that only God Almighty could do. What I have, what I have is that which God alone, the Almighty, Eternal God could do. I am the fruit of that. My life rests on that. My Christianity is of that kind. It derives from an intervention of God Almighty when no one else could do anything at all'."

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