The Great Transition from One Humanity to Another

by T. Austin-Sparks

Recorded Jul 1968

"We have got to re-adjust our conception and idea of Christianity at this point, to see that with the coming of the Lord Jesus, a crisis in the whole history of humanity is reached. It is the crisis of the final word of rejection of a humanity, a kind of man, and the introduction of an entirely different kind of Humanity with the Person of Jesus Christ. When you grasp that, you know your whole Bible is going to come alive; it will come alive. What have we come into? What is regeneration? You call it conversion, being “born again,” or you call it regeneration. What is it? It’s generation into another Humanity; altogether different; as a member of a different race of creatures, a different species of Humanity. With the New Testament this immense crisis in human history is introduced."

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