Life in the Unsearchable Riches of Christ

by T. Austin-Sparks

Recorded Jul 1966

Messages given July 19-25, 1966. This series was given during the Atlantic States Christian Convocation in Camp Wabanna, MD, USA. The recordings of the rest of the conference with Stephen Kaung and Deverne Fromke as speakers can be found on the Christian Testimony Ministry website.
"I expect if you were asked today: 'What do you feel to be the greatest need of Christians at this time?', your answers would be various and many. This may not be the greatest of them all, but I do suggest to you that it will rank very high and take a very foremost place when I say that the need of Christians in our time is for an increase of spiritual capacity and we are one with the apostle Paul when we say that, for when he found himself launched on this wonderful unveiling in writing this letter, he didn't get very far before he dropped on his knees."

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