The Presence and Work of the Holy Spirit

by T. Austin-Sparks

Recorded May 1960

"Do you not feel that we take the Holy Spirit too much for granted? When we come to discuss this as a subject, what do we say? Well, in controversy over it, its many interpretations, many designations, we resolve the thing so often by saying, "Well, of course every born anew child of God has the Holy Spirit!" And that's, so often, the beginning and the end of it; that is what it amounts to. If we are really born anew from above by our new birth we receive the Holy Spirit, we have the Holy Spirit dwelling within. Yes, yes! Agreed, but the Holy Spirit - God the Holy Spirit, an equal member of the Divine Trinity, very Jehovah in equality, God of all the ages, the God of heaven and earth, God over all; God! Infinite in power, infinite in wisdom, infinite in grace, and much more, much more which we may see in these days."

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