Right Standing With God (with Dutch Translation)

by T. Austin-Sparks

Recorded 1969

"What is the one all-governing thing through the whole Bible? Now I’ll tell you: Right standing with God! How can man have right standing with God? We have a word for it, haven’t we? It’s the great word, it’s the word “righteousness”. Of course that’s a theological word. That’s a word of Christian doctrine. Oh, but it is infinitely more than that! From Genesis to Revelation the one question is: right standing with God. There is God, He is over all. God... perfect in holiness - perfect in every way! How can man stand in God’s presence on right ground and say, “I have a right to be here before God”? That is the meaning of righteousness, it is right standing with God. Is not that your concern?" (These messages were given in Holland in 1969)

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