The Spirit of Service

by T. Austin-Sparks

Recorded Apr 1959

"Utter devotion to God’s purpose concerning His people is going to make the uttermost demand upon any servant of God. It’s going to test and find out our spirit of service and it is going, dear friends, if we are really going to serve God in this uttermost way, it’s going to bring us to this point where we’ve nothing left to fall back upon of personal interest, position or blessing; it is simply a matter of God and God only. And if God doesn’t do it, we’re finished, we’ve nothing to live for. We’ve nothing to live for, we’ve no alternative, we’ve no second line, we are in this matter of the Lord’s purpose and interest to the very last drop of our blood. And if not, then there’s nothing more for us."

Ex 32:32, Rom 9:3

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