Threshing, and the Lord's Balance

by T. Austin-Sparks

Recorded Mar 1959

"You know, friends, the idea has been very common in Christianity that it's a great and wonderful thing to be mightily used of the Lord: "Ah, it's wonderful! Oh, to be mightily used of the Lord! Oh, to be a great evangelist! Oh, to be a great teacher! Oh, to be a great Christian worker! A great thing!" Let me tell you, that's an entirely false conception! The truth is, the truth is that those who serve the Lord most truly go through the deepest agonies of suffering. There's the balance kept like that. Balances are truly kept by God: extra suffering, extra usefulness; little suffering, little usefulness. That's how God keeps His balances. That is what is here inclusive in this story."

Is 28:23

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