The Threshing Floor

by T. Austin-Sparks

Recorded Feb 1959

"Threshing is not a soft and kind thing; it may be very hard, it may seem very cruel, but you all agree that it's very necessary. Supposing what you eat that is made of wheat, had never been separated from the chaff! There would be a lot of trouble, wouldn't there, with the merchant. Indeed, you would complain and ask: 'Why has this not been properly threshed? Why has this been allowed to come in like this?' Oh yes, we all agree that it's a very necessary thing; it is essential. But it's a hard thing; it's a painful thing, this beating out, this exposing to the elements, this carrying away of much, this reducing to solid reality."

Matt 3:12, 2 Sam 6:6, 1 Chron 21:15, Jer 23:28

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