Faith's Inheritance

by T. Austin-Sparks

Transcribed from conference messages given in April, 1955. The spoken form has been retained verbatim.

How much enticing we need, how many promises and assurances we need to get us going on the way! How much has to be held up before the eyes of people as to the blessings that they're going to get if they would follow the Lord... I'm afraid that the appeal of the gospel has been leveled down there, to all that you'll get if you become a Christian. The real faith that the Lord wants to find is very difficult to find.... If only we had some of this kind of faith that Ruth had that is aware that it's going to be costly, very likely. It's going to bring us under reproach, very likely. It's going to mean that it's not going to be all easy, it's going to be difficult. Nevertheless: "Thy God is worth it. Thy God shall be my God." For God's sake, and not for our own, is the motive which should actuate. For the Lord's sake.

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