"This is the Testimony"

by T. Austin-Sparks

From unpublished manuscripts, date messages given unknown. Italics by Edited and supplied by the Golden Candlestick Trust.

The testimony of Jesus is committed to us. What does it mean in a practical way? To begin with, first of all, it means our nature, our character, being changed into the image of His Son. It means that God is dealing with us in the way in which He is dealing with us, with this object first of all: to get out of us all that deceitfulness that satan has put into us, the result of the deception of satan which brought Adam into darkness, to get it out of us, to get absolute purity of motive. Oh, that is tremendously searching and testing. What a deep work has to be done to get down to the bottom of that in us! Only this One Whose eyes are as a flame of fire can pierce right down to the bottom of our motives: why that was said, why that was done, why that choice was made. Where did it come from? What prompted it? What were the interests which were being sought? What was the motive? It is very practical.

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