Toward the Mark Magazines

1972-1979       1980-1989     

Toward The Mark, a bi-monthly magazine edited and published by Harry Foster, was a continuation of the ministry begun by Mr. Austin-Sparks in A Witness and A Testimony.

Toward The Mark was distributed by mail without cost to many appreciative readers. The articles were printed in four columns of text on both sides of five sheets of 9 X 14-1/2 in. paper that, when folded double and fold-stapled together with a folded cover, formed a magazine measuring 7-1/4 in. wide by 9 in. high containing 20 pages of two-column text. The pages were numbered consecutively each year beginning with No. 1, page 1, and ending with No. 6, page 120. The average number of words per issue was about 16,500.

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