Bethany - The Lord's Thought For His Assembly

The Body of Christ: Its Heavenly Aspect

The Church - the Body - as the Anointed Vessel

The Corporate Company

Corporate Life

The Cry of the Elect

The Family of God

Functioning in the Body of Christ

God's Means of Achieving His Purpose

God's Mind About the Church

God's Thought-Intention Concerning Manhood

Government by the Holy Spirit

The Greatness of the Church

"He That is Joined to the Lord is One Spirit"

I Will Build My Church

"Jehovah Shammah"

A Jigsaw Puzzle

Joints and Bands

The Lord's Assembly

The Need For Positive Ground

The Parables of the Kingdom

Reproduction by Divine Life

The Revelation of the Father

The Rise, the Noon, the Sundown of a Great Church

Some Principles of the House of God

The Sovereignty of God in Relation to the House of God

The Strength of the Church

The Transcendent "Sign"

Urgently Needed!

What is the Church?

Witnesses of These Things

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