The Altar (The Cross) Governs Everything

The Altar and the Name

An Appeal

The Blood of the Eternal Covenant

"Come After Me"

The Cross Prophesied by Simeon

The Cross and Higher Ground

The Cross and the Deliverance of the Mind

The Cross and the God of Hope

The Cross and the Overcoming Life

The Cross of Christ

Crucified to the Religious World

The Death of One for the People

The Deliverance of Souls

The Fulfilled Law

The Glory of God in Resurrection

The Great Divide and the Great Transition

The Holy Spirit and the Cross, the Church, and the Coming Again of the Lord Jesus

How It Should Be And The Way To It

"In the Likeness of His Resurrection"

The Inner Man of the Heart

A Marked Man

The Necessity for Weakness

The Offence of the Cross

Parenthetical Christians

Pride and Its Undoing

Questions That Are Sometimes Asked

The Race

Resurrection, the Hallmark of Sonship (1947)

Resurrection, the Hallmark of Sonship (1974)

The Sentence of Death

Tested Unto Responsibility

The Testimony of the Blood

The Throne and the Altar

The Twofold Testimony of the Blood of the Lord Jesus

Utterness for the Lord

The Verifying of God and the Vindication of Christ

What is True Unity of the Spirit?

The Whole Burnt Offering

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